Best Alternative to Dreamweaver? You Bet!

 best alternative to dreamweaver I no longer use Dreamweaver, today I use Xsitepro instead and still consider it the best alternative to Dreamweaver.

Here’s why I say that, or you can simply check out my latest Xsitepro Review

If you’ve used  Dreamweaver,  you know it has a steep learning curve.  I experienced that just trying to add a few simple graphics to a web page.  One wrong move and my page, which by the way took me 20 minutes to create, was messed up in just a few seconds.  Frustrating.

The Dreamweaver features and tools aren’t easy to figure out. Learning them and applying them took more time and patience than I had.  I needed to find an alternative to Dreamweaver that created websites that were just as professional looking, but were easier to use and got the job done faster.

That’s when I got Xsitepro.  The Xsitepro site builder did and awesome job.  It was easy to install, the tools were super easy to use and my site looked every bit as professional as a Dreamweaver site.

The price was also right.   Dreamweaver is double the cost of  Xsitepro.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for a cheap site builder, my online business relies on creating websites that look professional and that are functional,  so while cheaper was a benefit, I wasn’t about to sacrifice quality.

Xsitepro is cheaper because it’s not as robust as Dreamweaver, but I don’t need a robust tool.   I don’t develop custom websites for businesses as a service that requires advanced web development software.  I simply need a website creation tool that builds a professional, quality looking site with awesome features like easy navigation, content creation, scalability, interlinking, sitemaps, page analysis, PayPal integration, adding audio and video.  Xsitepro has all of this and much, much more.

What Types of Websites can you Create with Xsitepro?

  • Affiliate websites – Build a Content website for your affiliate products
  • Business Websites – Build unique e-commerce websites for your professional or home business
  • Personal websites
  • Informational Niche websites
  • Article websites for use with Adsense or other advertising.  XsitePro fully integrates with Adsense, Oxado and Amazon.
  • Squeeze page websites for collecting email addresses

Creating Your Website with XsitePro

The Xsitepro user interface is so much easier than Dreamweaver’s interface.   There are lots of technical terms and concepts to figure out in Dreamweaver that aren’t as confusing with Xsitepro.

For example, you start by selecting a site template like below…

Once you decide on a template, just point and click and it creates it for you. Next, you’re ready to customize your pages using the page settings.

Dreamweaver is for the Pros and Xsitepro makes you look like one

Using Xsitepro I can quickly:

  • Create Web pages and graphics or choose from hundreds of website templates
  • Insert Tables, videos, audio, advertising, forms, site search, RSS feeds, page breaks etc.
  • Add  Meta data for title, keywords and descriptions
  • Create Functional Navigation, headers and footers, info bars.
  • Add 2 columns or 3 columns

I can even change out a header, sidebar, colors or footers, change fonts, or add graphics with just a few clicks of my mouse. Super easy.

You can add RSS feeds and datafeeds all with a few clicks, and it’s not hard to figure out.

The Xsitepro Features that Make it the Best Alternative To Dreamweaver

– The snippet tool makes it super easy to add code without knowing HTML. For example I can quickly plug in code for things like YouTube videos, affiliate links,  articles from article directories, basically any code that I want to plug in without having to know HTML.

– The Search Engine Optimization tool – As I build webpages in Xsitepro I can run the Xsitepro Search engine optimization tool and it will tell me what I need to do to better optimize the page for the search engines.

Amazingly enough, Dreamweaver still does not have this feature, you’ll need to use external SEO tools to optimize your Dreamweaver website.

– Advertising plug-ins. I can easily add my Google Adsense advertiser code right into Xsitepro.  Doing this lets me simply point and click to get my Adsense ads into my website without coding them in each time.

– Updating or making changes to your website is super easy because you don’t need to use any file transfer or FTP software, Xsitepro uploads your website and any changes you make right from the the Xsitepro application.

With Dreamweaver I was always afraid to touch something because every time I did I’d mess my site up.

– Cool, Easy to use Wizards – Xsitepro comes standard with wizards that do:

– Banner rotator. Add any number of banners to your website and each time your webpage is viewed a new banner will display.

– Image rollover. Choose two images and the first one is displayed while the second is displayed when a visitors mouse cursor moves over the image.

– Add quotes. You can add quotes that will randomly appear on your webpage

– Status countdown. This widget will countdown to a specified date.  For example if you are conducting a sale you can post a display message notifying of the number of days left for the sale.

– Email cloaker. This widget lets you display your email address  on your webpages but cloaks it so it won’t get picked up by the spambots that scan web pages for email addresses.

These features are harder to figure out and use in Dreamweaver.  Xsitepro makes them much easier to use and implement.

If you appreciate video instruction and can follow a tutorial and simple  instructions, you can use Xsitepro to get a website live on the web in about 2-3 hours, minus the content.

The Xsitepro Accolades are Impressive

  • Rated “Five Stars” by
  • The “Editor’s Pick Award” by Software Informer
  • Recommended by PC Advisor

I’ve been using Xsitepro for almost seven years and I still consider it to be the best alternative to Dreamweaver, and I think you will too, especially if you’re not tech savvy but want to create professional looking websites that are easy to customize, maintain and that will rank well in the search engines.

Here’s why Xsitepro 2  is my best website software of choice, and has been for years.


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