How to Be a Super Affiliate

If you want to know how to be a super affiliate, start using the affiliate strategies that separate the super affiliates from the average ones. Simply asking people to click on your affiliate link won’t help you hit super affiliate status.  If that’s been your strategy, you’ve probably been disappointed. Instead, maximize your affiliate commissions […]

Does Your Affiliate Program Stink with Poor Affiliate Sales?

If  your affiliate program stinks with poor affiliate sales, it might just be your approach. Here’s a question that my very favorite affiliate manager and expert affiliate marketer, Nicole Dean, got from one of her readers along with Nicole’s response for how her reader could improve her affiliate program simply by changing her approach.

Affiliate Marketing Advice For Boosting Affiliate Commissions

Unfortunately many online marketers lead newbie affiliates into believing affiliate marketing is easy. Anything can be easy if you know how, right?  But therein lies the problem. There’s a lot of bad marketing advice out there and many affiliate marketers are missing the key elements they need to create a successful affiliate marketing business. In […]

3 Critical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Are you an affiliate marketer promoting affiliate offers but not making many sales? What’s the problem? Not enough traffic? Clicks don’t convert to sales? There could be many reasons you fail at affiliate marketing, but chances are you’re making one or all of these 3 critical affiliate marketing mistakes.

How To Cloak Affiliate Links – 3 Easy Steps

When you join an affiliate program, the affiliate links they give you are typically long and ugly.  In fact they scream affiliate link. These ugly links make visitors hesitant to make the click, and frankly, some people just don’t want to click on or make a purchase through a third party link.    That’s lost revenue […]

Types of Content that Increase Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales come along a lot quicker if you can offer great content. I know, you might be tired of hearing that but the fact is,  good content provides credibility.   It gives your followers and visitors the value and information they’re looking for. What’s interesting though, is that some forms of content can actually put […]

Clickbank Affiliate Tips: Avoid Link Leak

If you’re promoting Clickbank products, be careful of leaky links.  Not all affiliate merchants care about their affiliates and will sometimes employ cheating practices to keep from crediting their affiliates with their rightful affiliate sale. When trying to find the best affiliate marketing programs, here are 2 things you’ll want to watch out for in […]

Promote Affiliate Products with Your Own Domain Name

One of the ways I like to promote affiliate products is with my own domain name. This is not only easy to do, there are two great benefits. One BIG benefit is that it cuts down on affiliate theft.  The other benefit is that you’ll get rid of that ugly affiliate link.