3 Critical Affiliate Marketing Mistakes & How To Fix Them

affiliate marketing mistakesAre you an affiliate marketer promoting affiliate offers but not making many sales?

What’s the problem?

Not enough traffic? Clicks don’t convert to sales?

There could be many reasons you fail at affiliate marketing, but chances are you’re making one or all of these 3 critical affiliate marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1.  You’re not pre-selling your offer.  

Don’t simply put your affiliate link in front of your prospects expecting them to buy just because you said so, that’s a significant mistake.

Affiliate marketing is about helping your prospects make the buying decision.  You need to be telling them why your offer is the best solution for their needs, but most importantly, how it will benefit them.

Once your prospects can see the value in your offer then you can send them to the sales page.  Sending them there before then almost always results in a ‘goodbye’ click.

 Mistake #2: You’re Traffic isn’t Targeted.

The people you promote to have to be interested in what you are promoting.  So for example, promoting weight loss pills through a pay-per-click ad that says ‘weight loss diet‘ won’t make sales because the ad is attracting people looking for a diet, they’re not interested in taking pills.

Another classic example is putting offers in front of people who have no interest in the offer.  For example teeth whitening ads on a weight loss website or sending an internet marketing  subscriber list offers for anti-aging cosmetics.

The point is, you’ll get higher sales conversions the more targeted, or matched, your prospects are to your offer.

Mistake #3: You’re Not building a relationship with Your Potential Prospects.

Who do you think your prospects are going to take a recommendation from?  Someone they know and trust or someone they don’t know a thing about or have a trusting relationship with?

I would be taking the recommendation from the person I recognize and trust and so would  you.   So build that relationships with your prospects before you begin selling to them.

But how do you create those trusted relationships?

Communicate with your prospects regularly.  Help them to get to know you.  Offer them useful information on a consistent basis.

Do this by creating a regular newsletter, publishing a blog, and frequently interacting with your readers on social media.

The Success Steps for Promoting Your Affiliate Offers

Now that you have an idea of where you’ve potentially gone wrong, let’s  fix those mistakes and start successfully promoting your affiliate offers.

Step #1: Create a Mailing List.

Mailing lists are ideal because you’re attracting only the people interested in your topic, so be  clear on what you’re about.

– Start with an email autoresponder like Aweber that will collect and manage your email addresses, and make sending emails super simple.

– To get sign ups for your mailing list, entice them with something useful, but free.  This could be a small report, video, tips list, e-course or anything you feel your readers will value, but it should be directly related to the affiliate offer you’ll be promoting.

– Ask for the opt-in by placing a sign-up box on every page of your website.  I also recommend creating a squeeze page which is simply a mini sales letter that gives your prospects all the reasons they should join your list.

– Never send traffic directly to your affiliate offer.  Your goal is send traffic to your squeeze page to build your list and start promoting.

– Get traffic to your squeeze page using any or all of these methods:

  • Write and submit articles to article directories.
  • Find Guest blogging opportunities and submit your guest post
  • Connect with people on forums using your signature
  • Use social media like Twitter.com and Facebook.com.
  • Leverage other peoples’ resources through joint ventures.

For more on creating and developing your email list, see simple ways to profit with email.

Step #2: Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers.

Once you’re connecting with targeted prospects from your email list, you need to build their trust.

So how do you create those trusted relationships?

Communicate with your prospects regularly through social medial and through email by offering them useful information on a consistent basis.  Don’t be tempted to send them ‘buy now’ offers, that won’t work.

When using email, establish your credibility by sending your list consistent, authentic follow up emails full of information they can use. Use your email autoresponder to do this.

Step #3:  Give Your Subscribers a Reason to Buy.

Your subscribers need a reason to buy.  Just telling them your offer is a great deal won’t cut it.

Be clear about the benefits of the offer you’re promoting.  To take this a step further, by making sure you know what your prospect’s issues and problems are and drive home how your product will resolve those problems.

I like to sweeten things a little by offering a special bonus of my own that I’ll give my viewers if they purchase through my affiliate link.

Final Thoughts

Chances are you’re fairly close to making those affiliate sales, all you need is to connect a little closer with your prospects by helping them to know and trust you.

To do that simply make sure your audience is truly interested in what you have to offer,  get in front of them often, build their confidence and trust in you, then give them powerful, ‘ hard hitting’ reasons to buy.


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  1. Helene Poulakou says:

    Very basic tips, really — but, then,how easy to forget when we get caught up in this online game!

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