Affiliate Marketing Advice For Boosting Affiliate Commissions

affiliate marketing advice Unfortunately many online marketers lead newbie affiliates into believing affiliate marketing is easy.

Anything can be easy if you know how, right?  But therein lies the problem.

There’s a lot of bad marketing advice out there and many affiliate marketers are missing the key elements they need to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

In this post I’ll share with you effective affiliate advice, tips and strategies that will help increase your search engine visibility, drive more traffic and generate more leads that will consequently boost your affiliate commissions.

1. Find a Focused niche.

It’s tempting to try and be all things to all people.  I once had a gentleman ask me to review his site which he so naively created to cover everything from internet business to travel to real estate.  I had to smile because I could see his intention was to attract as many visitors as he could.

The downside to that kind of thinking is there’s no focus.  Because the topics are so broad and unrelated you can’t get a good grasp on what your visitors want.  But even worse, the search engines won’t know how to classify you.

Rule of thumb, the broader your audience, the fewer your business profits will be.  The more specific your niche, the more detailed and focused you can be with your information and products and that translates into more sales for you.

Your audience may be a bit smaller, but there’s a greater chance they’ll buy.

2.  Know and Understand Your Target Market.

It’s a lot harder to promote a product or service to someone if you don’t know their wants and needs.

If you’re promoting jogging strollers for example, who would your target audience be?  Just off the top of my head I’d say they are stay at home moms around the ages of 20-35 who are weight and health conscious.  I’m probably close but you’ll need to dig further to find even more specific details that include things like income level, demographics, what child, weather or benefit concerns they have.  Knowing all these intricate specifics can help you market to your audience in a way that will get their attention and get them to buy.

3.  Create a Themed Website.

Create a website around a theme as opposed to a product.  Creating a site around one specific product puts you at risk if the product or service gets cancelled or is no longer offered; which is not uncommon.

I prefer to create a site around a specific interest or common problem that people have, then promote quality affiliate products that complement the theme of the site.

4. Choose Carefully the products you Promote.

Don’t promote junk.  Be choosy about the products you promote.  It can be tempting to narrow your choices by choosing products based on commission, but if the products or services have poor quality, a high return rate or poor customer service, you certainly won’t boost commissions that way.

Take the products you decide to promote on a test drive by ordering and using them yourself.  Based on your target market, take notes on the quality of the product, how likely our audience will be to use it and what specific benefits it will offer your visitors. Additionally, evaluate the order process and customer service.  If the order process is poor or there’s restrictions on the forms of payment for example, then sales will be small.

Also carefully examine the product’s website making sure it has an appealing presence and doesn’t bombard visitors with ads, annoying popups or distractions that are likely to encourage visitors to leave the site.

5. Get to Know Your Affiliate Manger.

Familiarizing yourself with your affiliate manger is one of my top strategies.  Affiliate managers want dedicated affiliates.  By connecting  with them on a personal level they will be motivated to helping you succeed.  It just makes sense, if you succeed, they succeed, so getting to know them personally offers you a big advantage.

If the affiliate program is a good one, the affiliate manager will go the extra mile to help you promote by giving you personalized help and ideas.   On the other hand, if you attempt to connect with your affiliate manager and get little to no response, that’s a big clue that the affiliate program may have some shortcomings.

6. Create an email Opt-in List.

Capture your visitors through the use of email.  Subscribers to your list have the potential to increase commissions.  In other words these are the very people that are interested in what you have to say. What better target market is there?  They’re actually asking you to give them more information.

But don’t be misled into thinking they will automatically buy from you just because they’ve subscribed to your list.   Getting them on your email list is just the beginning. Your next step will be to build their friendship and their trust, but the important thing is that now you have the opportunity.  That gives you a big let up on the competition because once they have your trust, they’re a lot more likely to give you their sale.

Get more help on how to effectively use email by signing up for my free email tips and start building your list today.

Takeaways For Success in Affiliate Marketing.

To become a successful affiliate marketer with a profitable affiliate marketing business that generates targeted traffic and makes sales, follow this simple formula:

  • Create a focus niche website or blog
  • Find your target market, their needs, wants and concerns
  • Build your site around a theme topic, not a product
  • Choose your product or services based on quality, not commissions
  • Introduce yourself to your affiliate manage and pull from his/her resources
  • Use email to connect with  your visitors

If you’re discouraged with affiliate marketing because you’re making little to no money, it may be that you’re missing one or several of these key strategies.  Affiliate marketing isn’t difficult but it does take time and work.  For most marketers it’s simply a matter of fine tuning a few things before the sales can begin rolling in.


P.S.  I love affiliate marketing, but I struggled in the beginning too. It wasn’t until I read Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook, that I was able to fine tune my affiliate strategies, and the flood gates were opened.  It was awesome!

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  1. Finding a profitable and focused niche is the first step toward making profit with affiliate marketing. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they should cast a wide net in order to make more money.

  2. You’re right Bill, the more micro the niche you do wonder how much you can write, but content doesn’t have to be written. You can review experts, for example, if you can find 50 people to interview, that’s 50 reviews.

    Check up on what others are writing and comment on their posts or articles.

    Post videos or make them yourself. Add some funny anecdotes.

    If things start sounding the same, put a different spin on it or take a different point of view. Ask people questions and get their take on things. Even the most boring, limited topic can find people with interesting points of view :-)

  3. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of patience and techniques to be successful. You first have to market your site extensively before you can see results. And yes, themed site and email list are both powerful tools to achieve sales. Thanks

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