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I welcome Guest Posts at Homenotion!

Guest posting is an awesome opportunity to gain more exposure by giving readers an opportunity to learn about you, your business and your expertise. 

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post these are the post categories that will be considered:

  • Content Marketing
  • Blogs/Blogging
  • Writing/Copywriting
  • Social Marketing
  • SEO

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Your post must be original. That means it must be written by you and not previously published elsewhere, that includes your own blog or website.

2. No Generic Content. By generic I mean content that is general in nature and does not contain useful, informative, interesting content.

 Here’s more on the type of blog writing style I prefer

Important –  Posts must be useful, interesting and provide information that readers can practically implement into their businesses.   Content that is generic, ‘wordy’, confusing or contains poor grammar will be rejected.

3. No advertisements, affiliate or product promotions please.

4. Content that has spelling errors or poor grammar can not be accepted.

5. Posts should be 600+ words.

6. No 3rd party guest posts. You must be the blog owner submitting a post that links to your blog.

7. You must include a Gravatar with your guest post.  Here’s an easy way to create your gravatar.

8. Please submit your post in plain text in the form below or send me an email.  

I will personally review all guest posts.  If I choose not to publish your post on Homenotion I will let you know so that you may publish it elsewhere, either way I will let you know.

If I publish your post I also require exclusive reprint rights.

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I also write guests posts.

If you would like for me to supply you with a guest post, please state that in the text of the request box above and let me know what topic you would like to me write about.


  1. Ms. Liz says:

    Hey Henry, I See that you’ve signed up to my email list. You will immediately receive my internet business guide. That will give you some things to thing about on how to get started. There are other guides coming, specifically how to create a website and/or a blog.

    If you have any questions Henry, please email me and I’d be more than happy to help you :-)

  2. Hey Jim, your site is off to a good start, but let me suggest that your fonts are just a bit too small and are against a background color that is too light. Try using a larger font that is black against a white background, it will be easier to see. Look forward to you adding more content :-)

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