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My name is Elizabeth McGee (AKA Ms. Liz).

I’m a blogger, content marketer, e-book author and affiliate marketer.

But I don’t mind telling you that when I quit my job and started an online business I didn’t know how to do any of those things.

Yep, I quit cold turkey not knowing a thing.

I don’t recommend that but if you’d like to talk about it you can email me :-)

Because I had no idea about how to make money online and had no product or marketing skills of my own, I had to spend a lot of time figuring things out.

I started with affiliate marketing. I quickly learned how to create websites and effectively promote affiliate products and services.  From there I started blogging and got pretty good at writing blog posts, guest posts, articles and e-books  All at the same time learning how to effectively develop my content marketing skills.

I’ve learned many things online, but the one thing I believe to be the most important skill for any online business owner is writing great content. There’s not getting around the fact the search engines rely on useful content.  Whether written, spoken, or video, your content has to effectively convey your message, attract visitors, build trust and ultimately make sales.

It wasn’t until I poured myself into learning how to be a better writer and develop content that my readers wanted, enjoyed and found useful, that my traffic, sales and earnings rose.

We are in a time when readers expect useful content and the search engines demand it.  So that’s my focus here at Homenotion, to help writers, bloggers, content marketers and info product developers write, find and develop content that brings more traffic, sales, followers and notoriety.  I hope you’ll join me :-)

BTW, here are 21 more things about me.

Advertising, Reviews and Disclosure

My main objective here at Homenotion is to help you profit with your website or blog.  The other part of my work is to review products and services then report back to you my honest findings.  Some of the reviews I do are paid but many are not.  However I will always disclose on the review if I am compensated.

Regardless of whether I am compensated you can be assured my reviews are honest and well researched.  I will never endorse a product, paid or otherwise, that I haven’t thoroughly researched and found useful for my audience. However not all my reviews are positive.  If I have used a product and found it a ‘stinker’ I will absolutely tell you.  I’m not someone out to make a quick buck.

Besides the reviews I do, some of my content may contain affiliate links meaning I will receive compensation if a sale is made.   Whether I receive compensation or not I would never suggest or promote a product or service that I do not use myself.  That would be risking my reader’s trust and loyalty which is of utmost importance to me.

To sum up, my advertising, reviews and affiliate promotions have allowed me to create a business on a topic I know and am passionate about while providing my readers with the information they enjoy at no cost to them.


My Contact Information:

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  1. If you sign up for my newsletter to the right I’ve got a startup guide and with information on how to get leads.

  2. patricia says:

    Hello Liz,
    I am a life coach and I am looing for someone to teach me with a specific plan how to build my list.
    Presently I am blogging on my site, started with e zine.com and in 2 weeks I will have a professional facebook profile, which for the moment I do not know how to use to promote my free book and attract clients to my site.
    How can you help me? Is there any program you suggest for beginners on how to use blogging and social network to create rapport and therefore become visible?

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Patricia, I highly recommend Michelle McPherson’s free guide ‘Social Media Daily Blueprint‘. The guide is free for your sign up but it’s a very good resource that offers a plan, steps to follow and a daily checklist. Let me know what you think :-)

  3. Hi Liz 😀

    You know what, one of my “special hobbies” online, when I visit a blog, is to read about the person behind that blog. I’m curious to know about them and their adventure up to date.

    I see you as a veteran online marketer with almost 10 years of experience. I consider myself as a newbie to all these things. But I know the mistakes, the bad decisions and the failures that every beginners met.

    I’m now focusing more on affiliate marketing and SEO as my main techniques. And I see you’re offering much useful information on that topic here. That’s why I will spend some times jogging around 😉 I know I will find something here!

    Best wishes for you and your biz Liz!

  4. Hey Erik, If she’s interested in starting an online business, have her create a blog around a favorite topic of hers. Here’s a post on how to create a WordPress blog that will help get her started.

    As the blog begins to gain traffic she can monetize it with ads or associated affiliate products.

  5. Ms. Liz says:

    Great Brian, I hope it helps them :-)

  6. Jose Nillar says:

    Hello Liz,
    I really love to write especially about people and so happy knowing that I still can earn while enjoying writing articles about them. I think I really need your help on how to earn money while enjoying blogging .
    Thanks for guiding and sharing your talent to newbies like us.


    • Hi Jose, Thanks for commenting. So pleased to meet you. I hope I can help you on your journey, however if blogging is something you truly enjoy, you’re already getting off to a great start.


  7. Hello Ms. Liz …. Today I get a chance to go through your blog. But after reading a few thing I got a feeling that is really an honor for me to visit your your blog. My Nephew Emmanuel 21 has also created his own website and he takes keen interest in outsourcing, lead generations things like that. Let me tell you that I will must refer your page and your contact details to him. He is a patient of epilepsy but brave and loves life….. When I read “Devoted Christian” in the start of your blog believe me my heart filled with respect for you and your family……

    God Bless you …..
    Best Regards


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