6 Email Marketing Tips that Build Trusted Relationships

email marketing tipsAre you building trusted relationships with your email list?  You should be.

You’ll get a lot more value, and incidentally more sales  from your email list, by implementing email marketing tips that build trusted relationships with your subscribers.

This has been a key for me because I know that people rarely buy from those they don’t trust.  Sales are born from trust. But it’s even more than that, I rather enjoy the personal relationships I have with my readers.   It’s these trusted relationships that not only keep me enthusiastic but my readers have come to trust me.  That’s really the foundation of my business.

I encourage you to do the same with these 6 email marketing tips that will help you build trusted relationships with your email subscribers.

Email Marketing Tip #1 – Build Trust By Setting Subscriber Expectations

Be clear with your subscribers on what they are signing up for and what kind of emails they’ll be getting.

Will they be getting tips, an e-course, a special report or all of those things? Let them also know how often they can expect to get your emails. Will they arrive every day?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Be as clear as you can be.

I also like to let my subscribers know what email address my emails will be coming from. This will help them recognize and be familiar with your emails.

Email Marketing Tip #2 – Help Subscribers Learn About You

Before asking for a sign-up, direct your viewers to your ‘about me’ page. Share some personal trivia about yourself and your business, include some pictures if you have them and use a personal signature.  These will allow your visitors to see and personally relate to the real you.

Email Marketing Tip #3 – Respect your Subscribers Time

Your subscribers granted you permission to email them; this is a privilege, not a right, so respect that.

Send your subscribers only the things that relate to what they signed up for.  It might not be costing your subscribers money to opt in to your list but it’s costing them time to open emails that won’t interest them, so keep your content relevant.

Additionally don’t use your email for sales and promotions.  Unless you have a special deal for them, keep your emails super informative and helpful.

Email Marketing Tip #4 – Email Your List Consistently

Don’t annoy your subscribers with an overload of emails, but don’t ignore them either.

When you get a new subscriber send them a welcome email but don’t wait a month or more to send them their next email. People subscribe to things all the time, so without consistent communication they often forget they signed up.

Waiting too long between emails increases the chance they’ll opt-out or worse yet, hit the spam button.

Email Marketing Tip #5 – Always provide an Unsubscribe Option

No one wants subscribers to opt-out but you have to provide them the option.  In fact it’s the law.

The CAN-SPAM Act says that commercial email must provide the receiver the ability to opt-out with one single action – either by replying to the email, or clicking through to a single web page.

If you use a reputable autoresponder, the opt-out feature is built in.  For example, I use Aweber’s autoresponder service and all my emails automatically include the opt-out feature, which I appreciate and so do my subscribers.

Email Marketing Tip #6 – Promote Less and Help More

People don’t like to be sold to; they want to buy on their own terms.  The “buy this because I like it” approach rarely works and will only annoy your readers.  A better strategy would be to help your subscribers realize a solution and help them understand why a specific solution will work.

Your subscribers have come to you as a resource for help and information, so give it to them.  The more you help them, the more they will see you as a genuine resource, and when it comes time for them to buy; they will think of you 😉




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