Get High Value Backlinks With 5000 Backlinks

With all things being equal, content, site design and Search engine optimization; the sites with the most high value backlinks are the ones that will rise above the competition.

I know that to be a fact. It’s how my homenotion site, for instance, has reached the first page of Google for 3 of the top searched internet business keyword phrases, ‘home internet business’, internet home business’ and ‘internet home business ideas’.

Here’s how I’ve done it…

Using 5000 Backlinks.

Working on backlinks is a daily priority for me, but with all the things on my plate each day, I don’t have a lot of time to look for quality sites to link to.

So imagine this…

high value backlinks

What is this?  It’s called ‘5000 backlinks.

What is 5000 Backlinks?

The 5000 backlinks system is not an automated link builder, from my experience, building quality links involves achieving a positive reputation with Google and Google prefers natural link building which is what this system is.

The 5000 backlinks system provides you with quality ‘dofollow’ sites, forums and blogs for getting hundreds of one way backlinks to your site within just a few weeks, that’s how you achieve backlinks the search engines recognize, by acquiring these links slowly and methodically.

This system gives you an easy to follow daily plan to get these links, including some very cool tricks for getting it done faster. When I follow the instructions in the ‘daily action plan’, I’m done with my link building for the day in about ten, maybe 20 minutes.

I’d love to show you what those tricks are but I’d violate their terms of agreement. I’m asking you to trust me on this one, they will cut your link building time in half.

There’s also an instant indexing guide that comes with the package that demonstrates a super simple procedure to follow that will get a new site indexed and generate your first set of backlinks within just a few hours.

In addition to all that, you’ll get a free subscription to their monthly backlinks building lists where you’ll be sent 60+ fresh links every month for a whole year, there are no monthly fees, this is all part of thepackage.

What the 5000 Backlinks System is Not

This is not SEO backlinks trickery.  There’s no automation for getting hundreds of links in a matter of days or hours, that’s not how to get quality backlinks.  It’s a system of getting quality links in a manner that the search engines recognize.

If getting quality one way backlinks is a priority for you, and it should be, pay a visit at 5000 backlinks.  They provide an authentic, legitimate, doable plan for any website that needs quality links.

They’ll save you tons of time and frustration, but the biggest benefit is that you’ll have a plan to work with, which for me has been about 90% of the battle.

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  1. You can’t have too many quality backlinks. However you should be careful who you link to. Linking to a blacklisted site can hurt your reputation with the search engines, whether it will get you blacklisted or not is still debated.

  2. Great question. So far I don’t see evidence that Google has a problem with that, however it makes sense that in the future Google will be wise to sites getting backlinks from sites that aren’t relevant. With so many people trying to get backlinks in devious, spammy ways, Google may very well adjust their algorithm to account for that, guess that remains to be seen.

  3. Thank you Ms. LIz.

    I plan to check this out. Trying to find the right sites to link to has been a job. Although I have a plan, it will never get me the number of back links this program will.

    Thank you again

  4. 5000 backlinks provides you the sites and forums that will deliver the most bang for your commenting buck. Not all the sites they deliver have dofollow comments but they are all quality sites nonetheless.

    The product purposely does not offer an automated process as automating the process is of itself a form of spam and you don’t want that. Getting quality backlinks is a process and it takes time and effort. What 5000 backlinks does is help you find sites that will deliver quality backlinks if you comment or subscribe to the sites.

  5. Gail J Richardson says:

    Thanks for the great information on backlinks.I know it is very important to any website.

  6. Getting links to your site will not hurt it, in fact the more quality inbound links you can get the better. But quality links are key. Not sure what you mean by links not looking natural, but the best way to get inbound links is by commenting on quality, high ranking blogs and forums. That’s where 5000 backlinks is ideal, they will provide you with the high profile blogs, sites and forums to comment on. Of course your comments need to be constructive or informative, otherwise blog owners will simply delete them.

  7. Absolutely Jillian, unless your links come from quality sources you’re wasting your time. That’s where products like 5000 backlinks can make all the difference, there’s no guesswork and the link resources they give you will put you in the ranking.

  8. Sure, they are all attainable. Try these commands to find sites that you can comment on. Simply copy and paste them into Google’s search by inserting your keywords:

    site: .gov inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”
    site: .edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD”

  9. Hey Craig, what commands are you using?

  10. So true. But I think if would be best if quality and quantity goes together along the way. That is an effective trick to make your site on the top.

    • Absolutely cris, I lean more on the side of quality of the link, but yes, they are both important. Thanks for your input!

  11. All ranges up to page rank 9.

  12. kirk forney says:

    Very nice website ,very informative and well laid out will tell others.

  13. Can anyone tell how to find .edu & .org websites and how to get backlinks from these websites?

    Thanks in Advance!

  14. Ms. Liz says:

    There are several factors that go into page rank. Getting inks is just one of them. Good SEO, keyword optimization and quality content are just a few of the others.

    But also remember that Google ranks web pages not web sites, so for example if a website’s home page has page rank meaning it has lots of authority, quality links pointing to it and the site as a whole has tons of quality content, a new page with webpage optimization, good keyword optimization and useful, original content can make it to the top of Google’s search with no page rank at all.

  15. Ms. Liz says:

    Hi Noo, yes you are right, you can use those operators to find links, and I have used them myself, however 5000 backlinks has found many additional sites, most of which, I might add, I didn’t find using those operators. However thanks for your feedback on that :-)

  16. 5000 backlinks is no longer owned and operated by Lynn Terry, however if you didn’t get your download, let Clickbank know, you probably just missed the download page.

  17. I have the product and the links are quality links. There’s even a procedure on how to work the links every day. It’s a simple one but if you work at it every day, you’ll see a difference. Hope that helps :-)

  18. Employee Monitoring Software says:

    This program sound amazing! Thank you for recommending it, sharing it, and most of all explaining what it is about and how we can benefit from it if we decide to sign up. I like to hear the bad sides, too, things cannot be perfect, and it is only fair to know upfront what we are buying into. I”m looking forward to trying it out!

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