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free website headersWith the website headers at Xheaderpro I can easily add one of their 500 free website headers to any website or blog or create my own, and it’s all free!

Part of my frustration when creating a new website or blog, and probably yours too, is creating or even finding a website header that looks professional and fits the theme of my site.  Because I’m not a professional creative designer it can take me hours, even days to create or even find a header that doesn’t look like a twelve year old made it. To get the look I want I’ve had to pay designers to create website headers for me, but at $40-$100 per header, that’s not my favorite option.

But there’s more than free website headers with this deal.

Even with 500 free headers there’s still the off chance you may not find something that fits just right with your site. But now worries, these headers also come with a free header graphics creation tool.

With this tool you’ll be able to uniquely customize the headers with text and/or additional graphics.  You can even load a blank header and completely create your own designs or load one from a template library and customize it as you like. If you want to add your own graphics just drop them in, nothing could be easier.  And no other graphic tools are needed. 

This blog or website header creation tool is so easy to use, even for me who has no creative talent whatsoever. I’ve been using this web header graphics tool for over a year now and love it.  Here’s one of the headers I use on my beauty skin care site.

If 500 Free Website Headers isn’t Enough, Get 5000 More!

Since the 500 free website headers and free graphics tool were such a big hit, Paul Smithson (the developer and the Xsitepro guy) created a professional XheaderPro package that now has 5000 headers across 46 categories, things like:

  • action/adventure
  • seasons
  • shopping
  • photography
  • news & information
  • sports
  • fashion
  • fantasy & magic
  • healthy eating

…and lots more

These additional headers are perfect if you want to add a header quickly or aren’t keen on doing any design creation yourself.

The XheaderPro professional package sells for $37,  which works out to be less than 1 penny per header graphic.  With the cost of hiring a graphics designer, it’s quite a bargain.   Just buying one professionally created header graphic cost me more than the whole XheaderPro package combined.

The package also includes generic type header graphics that could easily be used for any niche topic.

Don’t Stress About Headers any more, here’s what to do…

Try the 500 free website headers first. Even if you don’t find a header you like within the 500 choices you have, you’ll at least be able to see how easy the free graphics creation tool is to use for creating and customizing your own unique headers.

If you need more design choices the professional package certainly won’t break the bank and you’ll have tons of additional header graphics that you can work with no matter how many sites you have or create in the future.

Enjoy! It’s all free  :-)

Click here to find out more about the Xheaderpro header graphics.

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  1. Hi Ms Liz:
    Can these headers be used with SBI? I use the block by block. these headers look great.

    • Yes, Xheaders are compatible with XsitePro

      The header is saved as a jpg, and the images are resizeable so should be able to be resized to fit the L&F Selector size. Since the user also selects the file name (before the .jpg), they can set it to be uploadable to the L&F also.

  2. Hey, I think you’ll really like them. Paul Smithson puts out quality products. I’ve never been disappointed, and in particularly with his Xsitepro site creator, in fact these headers, even the free ones, are a nice complement to the product :-)

  3. Ms. Liz says:

    Hey Joel, I love their headers too, in fact all the Xsitepro products are Class A.

  4. These are completely free headers for you to use.

  5. I’ve used a lot of different headers or my sites but this one is super simple, which sometimes I think is better. But you’re right, making a good first impression is important and with this particular blog I just wanted something that will help people feel comfortable and suggest a user friendly attitude :-)

  6. Dana Prince says:

    Hi Liz,
    Great find! I’m trying to customize more of my sites these days, rather than have them look so generic, and this looks like a great resource.


  7. Hi James, I like this site for learning html, good luck :-)

  8. Hey Joe, you are very welcome and thanks for your feedback :-)

  9. Ms. Liz says:

    HI Cheryl, Glad you like Xheaderpro. Have you used their free header creator software? I’m not a graphics artist so the tool makes creating my own headers possible. And at about $50 to get a header created, that’s a big benefit. Thanks for your feedback.


  10. Ms. Liz says:

    Good point Marc, taking your own photos or using a custom design header is the best, however the tool that comes with these free headers lets you also create your own customer headers. That’s why I love it so much 😉

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