5 Tips for Creating Passive Income as a Copywriter

Guest Post by Daniella Baker

Adding a copywriting component to your business is a fun and potentially lucrative stream of additional income.

Passive means that the content you produce will continue to earn you an income without further effort, aside from traditional and social media marketing.

In effect, passive income puts your earnings potential on autopilot so you can sit back, reap reward, and move on to other projects.  However, long-term success will require discipline and a heavy time commitment.

Here are five tips for building passive income as a freelance copywriter.

Tip #1: Become a publisher

A great source of generating passive income is to write an eBook and then market it on your Web site, social media profiles, and blog. You will need to add a shopping cart and PayPal link to your Web site since you want to make the purchase as easy as possible for prospects.

It may take some time to create the eBook but it will generate passive income as soon as it is published if you market it effectively. Another idea is to use the eBook as a promotional give-away in exchange for signing up to your email list or, purchasing a product or service.

Tip #2: Become an Information Marketer

Information marketing is the process by which you prepare an article that provides content on a specific topic. Many of these articles are of a “how-to” or advice nature and focus on your niche business. These articles work very well in positioning you as the thought-leader in your field. You then post these articles to various directories, many of which permit you to include a brief bio and link to your Web site and/or blog at the bottom. You can even include a promotional blurb at the bottom of your article, such as “XYZ Coaching” is the leader in executive coaching. Contact us today to find out how we may help your organization maximize the productivity of top management.

Tip #3: Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves linking your Web site to others that sell complementary services. For example, if you are a freelance writer you can write an article on “How to Choose a Web designer” and provide the link to a Web design affiliate’s site. Each time one of your clients purchases the service of this designer, you earn money in the form of a percentage of sales.

Tip #4: Prepare SEO Content

Web sites are ranked by Google, Bing, and other major search engines by keyword relevance so that writers who are able to prepare substantive keyword-filled articles can attract much attention to their products and services. We stress that these articles must provide useful information since all search engine spiders will remove any content that just packs in keywords without regard to its quality. SEO writing is a fairly easy writing process so permits you to earn extra income without a large commitment of time.

Tip #5: Work as a Resume Writer

With the current state of the economy, anyone who can provide useful information on resume writing and job search will be much in demand. This is a great source of passive income for career and life coaches who are able to write articles on resume writing techniques, submit them to directories and provide a link to their Web site and blog at the bottom.

Daniela Baker is a social media advocate with CreditDonkey, a credit card deals website. She helps freelancers and entrepreneurs compare small business credit cards on her blog.


  1. This article is really inspiring! Thanks for sharing ideas to make money in different ways. It is the quality and consistency that matters most. Look forward to hear more from you in future!

  2. Janet Steward says:

    Hello Daniella,
    You have written a great post . I specifically agree to your tip 5: work as a resume writer. Well indeed this career is great source of income. I am also a resume writer and believe me beside income what makes me feel glad is when one of my client nails an interview due to a piece of resume which I wrote.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Janet Steward recently posted..Starting Your Career as a Foreign Language Teacher

  3. Nice post. The ideas you are presenting are legitimate income opportunities. However i dont believe in passive income in full sense of the word. Hard work is needed any way you put it. You can work as a freelancer and get paid after your work is finished, or work hard without getting paid immediately but earn small amount of money regularly as long as the content is online and generates income from advertising or affiliate programs. If you search onlin you will find there are many who say upfront payment is better and others who say passive income from royalties is better. I guess it is different from case to case
    george recently posted..Start Your Virtual Assistant Home Based Business

    • Hi George, Yes, it’s really a preference. I actually prefer to do both. For some things, individual payment for certain items is good, but I like to add to that passive income from things that I do just once, such as subscription sales.

  4. Thank you so much! I never really understood how to create passive income as a copywriter and honestly never paid attention to it. A few days back, I sort of filled in words and saw views flowing in. Though they aren’t major but it certainly helps!
    So thank you for your posts. Will love more breakdowns on these.
    Tarence Wade recently posted..knowledge posted an update: Make the world more rich by selling sustainable inventions […]

    • Hey Tarence,

      Copywriting is something I’ve spent a lot of time at, and it’s not really that hard if you know a few of the strategies that make it work. Those are the things I was missing.

      If you want more of a breakdown there’s a great course from Karon Thackston called the step-by-step copywriting course which is where I learned my skills. That and AWAI, but AWAI is rather pricy at $500. Karon’s course is considerably cheaper and right now you can get a 30% if you use coupon code ‘LIZ30′. No pressure, just if you’re interested to learn more on this. If you don’t mind this is my affiliate link, but for the few things I promote it helps me support my blog. http://www.homenotion.com/seocopywriting

      If you get the course I’m sure you will find extreme value in it, and if you have any questions I’d be happy to help you.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your valued comment.


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