5 Benefits of Using PLR in Your Marketing Efforts

Since I do a lot of writing for my websites and blogs I've seen the benefits of using PLR in my marketing efforts, that's why I asked my friend Tiffany to step in and share some of her thoughts with us on using and benefiting from PLR.  Enjoy ~Ms. Liz 😉

Tiffany Dow, former Ghostwriter to the Gurus, launched the PLR Minisite where marketers can find a wide variety of niche PLR topics for as little as $1 per page, with no membership required. The site sells articles, email autoresponders, blog posts, eBooks, reports and more!

5 Benefits of Using PLR in Your Marketing Efforts

If you’re new to the world of Private Label Rights (PLR) – you’ve heard of them, but aren’t sure if they’re a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to your marketing – you’ll be happy to hear about the 5 top benefits PLR can inject into your online business in an instant:

1.) PLR helps you establish a connection with your audience quickly.

Hire a ghostwriter to create an eBook, and you’ll likely be waiting at least 4-6 weeks. A batch of articles? No telling how long it’ll take you to get them back – it all depends on how many other clients are in line. But when you buy PLR content, you get to download the zip file instantly and upload it to your server to sell or use as search engine fodder.

A ghostwriter would have to take time to work you into his or her schedule, conduct ample research, make an outline to work from, and then start on the written work. PLR is completed by the time you find it, so your only time invested is whatever it takes you to post it online.

2.) PLR helps you showcase expertise when you have none.

There are many niches that have ample profit potential, where you, as the prospective marketer, have little (if any) expertise. If you’re buying from the best PLR shops online, you won’t have to worry about the content or product lacking in its research.

Now if you buy from just anybody, then you risk putting your reputation in that niche on the line. You want to be assured that whatever the topic – from dog training to herbal remedies – the writer behind the PLR work has spent time ensuring the content is accurate and that it won’t harm anyone, in the case of medical topics.

3.) PLR helps you with a springboard for unique content.

PLR is best optimized when it’s rewritten. The rules depend on who you’re buying your PLR from, but in most cases the more you rewrite it, the better. You want unique content for your site. Some PLR providers will limit the amount you can alter it, some will force you to rewrite it by a certain amount.

Strict rules on changes like this can be a burden to you, so try to buy from a PLR provider that’s flexible. For example, if you were buying PLR to use in your email autoresponder campaign, you wouldn’t be as concerned about rewriting PLR as you might be if it was going to be web content competing against others in the niche who may own the same PLR.

4.) PLR helps you launch a readymade product that you can sell.

Whether it’s sold as a ready made product or you have to compile a batch of relevant articles into an eBook, PLR allows you to launch a product for sale without having to do all of the hard work of researching an idea and writing about it.

Don’t forget that you can turn written PLR into multi media format products, too. For example – take a how-to PLR eBook and create a video course where you’re capturing the screen or making a different type of video while reading from or summarizing the eBook’s content.

5.) PLR helps you keep your budget intact without going overboard on spending.

A ghostwriter can cost upwards of $30 per page. PLR can cost as little as $1 per page. The savings are dramatic, and for those just starting out in the Internet marketing arena, PLR can be a lifesaver. No matter how much you spend, if the content reflects poor quality, it wasn’t worth the money you invested – even if it was free PLR.

The benefits of using Private Label Rights far outweighs any negatives, such as competing with others using the same content. With the right PLR shop, you can have a cost-effective, convenient way to launch and grow your online empire.

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  1. Phil DeMassa says:

    I like the tips you have mentioned. Especially how you have mentioned the golden “secret” of rewriting content regularly. This is something that many people don’t realize or take too seriously. Because of this many people miss out on potential gains from search engines.
    Google and Yahoo like to index sites like Ezine Articles and Hubpages as these sites are always full of fresh new content.
    .As a website owner who is interested in ranking favorably in the search engines you you should regularly rewrite your content. Maybe you don’t want to be stuck in front of your computer for hours recreating your home page, but consider how competitive the online world is. Not only for product placement but for keyword rankings as well.

    • Phil, rewriting your content regularly isn’t really going to be of value unless your content needs it. If your home page is gathering visitors and sales are good why would you change that? Instead I’d focus more on adding content to your site regularly and adding good articles to article directories.

      Try also repurposing your articles or your existing content if you’re running out of content ideas. For me, I’d rather use PLR, change few ideas, add my own voice and I’ve got fresh, new content in a matter of about ten minutes. But be careful with PLR content , if it’s not quality content you’ll spend a lot longer at it 😉

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