4 Ways to Get More Sales from Your Email List – Without Being Pushy

more sales from email listWhat are you doing to get more sales from your email list?

If you’re simply routinely emailing your subscribers, you’re not doing enough.

Here are 4 ways to get more sales from your email list naturally using targeted opt in email marketing that has the potential to boost your sales without being pushy.

1. Connect with your Subscribers

If you find yourself writing to your subscribers like they’re strangers,  step back and think of them as friends instead.

Even something as simple as using your reader’s first name in the opening and closing of  your emails works well.  People love to see their name in writing, especially in emails.

Add a touch of your personal life when writing.  For instance, if your niche is pet care, mention your pet now and then.  The idea is to help your reader relate their life to yours.

If you know who your target reader is, for example their wants, likes and dislikes, it’s easy to connect with them on a personal as well as a business level.

Remember, you’re job is not to sell them something in your emails; yes, ultimately you want to get them to buy from you, but that’s not going to happen until they can ultimately trust you and also see that you have similar interests, likes and even experiences they have.

When your subscribers can say to themselves, “Yes, that’s exactly the same thing that happens to me”, that’s when they’ll begin to connect and ultimately trust you.

2. Be Patient with Your Email List

People need time to trust you, and getting them on your list is a way for you to do that.  But your subscribers need time to be sure you’re honest, genuine and not out to simply make a buck off them.

Sometimes they just need a few good reasons to buy or they just need help making the buying decision, whatever it is, help them, don’t push them.   If you can accomplish #1  your readers will start to trust you because they’ll feel you understand them.

Not everyone loves social marketing on the web, but it’s a great way to get in front of your readers more often.

Here’s what to do.  In every email that you write encourage your subscriber  to follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook.  The more you are in front of them and the more familiar they are with you, no matter how long it takes, the better your chance is that they’ll look to you when it’s time to actually buy.

3. Listen to Your Subscribers

If you’re asking yourself what do your subscribers and readers want to know, then simply ask them.  Never be afraid to ask.  It shows that you have interest, and people like that.

There are a few ways you can do this:

Create an email that asks your readers what they want to know.

Try putting a question in your email autoresponder sequence so that at some point every subscriber gets a chance to offer information on what they might want to know.

Here are some ideas for how to do that…

Create a survey.  Create a survey.  Surveymonkey is a totally free service that lets you create a survey of 10 multiple choice and essay questions.  Once you’ve created  your survey, post the survey link in an email that your readers can go to and respond to.  The information you receive back can be invaluable.

Create a Contact Form on your website.   Create a page on your website or blog that contains a contact form.  Then send an email to your subscribers that points them to your contact page so they can ask a question or make a comment.

If you use an email service like Aweber, they have a WordPress plugin called ‘Aweber Web Forms’ that will create a form for you to use on WordPress.  WordPress also has their own contact form you can used called WordPress Contact form 7.

4. Teach & Encourage for Getting More Sales

Don’t use email to blatantly promote your stuff.   That’s a sure way to lose subscribers.  Unless you have special offers or discounts that you want to let your readers know about,  your emails should be teaching and advising your readers.

Start by sending your subscribers a free offer, but this should be something you create yourself and it should offer value.  You could create an ebook, a free course or helpful tips.   Nothing builds trust and loyalty more than teaching  someone to do something that improves their lives or makes something easier for them.

This also goes for any email you send, always make sure you have a purpose in mind and that purpose brings value to your reader.

Of course your mission is to try to make a sale, and that’s OK, but in the road to achieving that sale you have to give your subscriber something first.  That could be to teach them something, offer a useful tip or get them to read your latest post that has some great ideas in it.  Whatever it is, make them feel that you are first there to help them.

In Summary….

From my experience, learning how to create your own opt in email list isn’t the hard part,  it’s hanging on to your subscribers and building relationships that can be the most difficult.

Unless you can develop a relationship with your subscribers,  connect with them often and teach them a few things along the way, you won’t be able to get more sales, in fact you’ll experience just the opposite.

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  1. Thanks Liz for another nice post 😀

    You’re right about being patient with the list. It simply can’t growth up to hundreds of thousands overnight. And it simply can’t be profitable right of the bat. Patient is the key just like knowing the list and give subscribers the things they really want!

    Thanks for sharing!

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