3 Creative Tips for Writing Powerful Headlines That Sell

Your headline is your single best opportunity to capture your reader's attention, so you need to get it right the first time. 

Here are 3 powerful tips that I use for writing headlines that get attention and generate sales.

#1 – Tap into Your Prospects’ Emotions

We buy based on emotion, so use that psychological trigger to your benefit.  Tapping into emotions like love, confidence, wealth, respect and others are what trigger reaction.

Other emotions you can tap into are a desire to feel:

– Attractive
– Sexy
– Confident
– Energetic
– A sense of belonging
– Control their own destiny
– Wealthy
– Proud
– Respected
– Safe

#2 – Make it Active

If you want to compel someone to act, use ‘active’ language. That means use language that shows movement and commands attention.

For example, “Stop Your Sugar Cravings Today With This Simple Step,” is a nice headline but it doesn’t command action nor does it really evoke any emotions.  However, “Conquer Your Sugar Cravings With This Simple Step” is a much more active headline.

Conquer is an active and emotionally powerful word.  Your reader will get the benefit of feeling powerful and in control but it also commands action.

#3 – Let Your Reader Know they’re Important

Using the word YOU is powerful.  It shows your reader that you are interested in helping them, but more importantly it indicates that you are interested in solving their problems and want to help them achieve their desires.  So taking the example above, instead of writing “Conquer Your Sugar Cravings With This Simple Step” try writing it this way, “Conquer Sugar Cravings with Our System”.

Of course everyone wants to know what's in it for them, so if they can determine that there’s a way for them to benefit, they're going to be compelled to continue reading your copy and ultimately making a purchase.

Three more great examples of powerful headlines:

– Earn $1000 a day (you're making a promise)
– New program guarantees you’ll earn $1000 a day (you're making it newsworthy)
– Do you want to ensure your financial future? (you're asking a question)
So now you have some ideas about what types of headlines sell but how do you begin to actually write those powerful headlines?

Step 1. Get inside your reader's head; think about what their hopes, dreams, desires, and problems are.  The better you can really understand your reader’s emotions and desires the easier it will be to create an emotional and powerful headline directed specifically at them.

Step 2. Really think about how your products or services will make your readers' lives better or how they will solve their problems. For example if you sell a dieting ebook then you're audience will most likely be individuals that want to lose weight, but if you really think about those individuals you will see that they are also struggling with things like not feeling attractive or having health problems.  Realizing this can help you create a headline that highlights the specific benefits your dieting ebook offers and how it might solve those problems.

Step 3. Start by writing about 10-20 possible headlines. I know these sounds like a lot but this is good practice for writing compelling headlines.  Doing this will also help you zone in on that perfect headline.  Once you think you have a few winners you can always test them for how well they convert to find out which ones work the best.  

Your headline is the most import element of any effective marketing piece.  This goes for email subject lines, article headlines and webpage headings. Take the time up front to craft a compelling headline that incorporates the ideas above and watch your sales increase.

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