15 Things To Stop Doing in 2012

Here are 15 things to stop doing  in 2012 that will help you start the new year off right :-)

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. –  Be confident in who you are.  Strive to be the person that others want to compare themselves to.

2. Stop telling yourself you’re not ready. – You’re never going to be 100%  ready for an opportunity, so don’t even try.  Taking chances and seizing opportunities when the moment strikes is about stepping out of your comfort zone and making yourself ready by learning and growing.

3.  Stop complaining and show gratitude.  –  What if you woke up this morning with only the things you were grateful for yesterday?  Makes you think doesn’t it?

4. Stop waking up each day without a plan. – Get into the habit of making a yearly, monthly and weekly plan.  This is the new year and a great time to start this habit.

5. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. –  It’s so easy to look at others and wish you were like them.  But if you look really hard at yourself, you’ll see the real you and what unique qualities you have to offer that only you have, so leverage those personal qualities and be the special person you are.

6. Stop giving up if you fail.  –  The average successful business owner failed twice before finding success.  If you give up after the first, even second time, you may have just given up on what could have been your ultimate success.

7. Stop thinking negatively. – Be positive, even if it’s hard.  Positive thinking brings positive things your way.

8.  Stop taking breaks on the couch.  – Exercise more.  My best brainstorming comes when I take a long walk.  It’s my ‘think’ time.  It’s also when those great blog post ideas come to me 😉

9. Stop feeling jealous of others. – No one’s life is absolutely perfect. We all have struggles and hardships, no matter what you see on the surface …and it’s the tenth commandment :-)

10.  Stop being afraid to make mistakes. –  We all make mistakes, so instead of worrying about them, learn from them and embrace them. Think of all the things you’ve learned from your past mistakes.

11. Stop saying you can’t. – There’s no such word.

12. Stop procrastinating. – Things don’t get done or go away on their own.  Get it done now then reward yourself for it later.

13. Stop caring about what others think. – This can be a hard thing to overcome, especially for me. But I’m learning that people are going to think what they want regardless if you worry about it or no.  Make it a habit to care only about what you think.  In fact make it an attitude.

14. Stop doubting yourself. – Self doubt is often brought on by low self-confidence.  Boost your confidence by thinking of  yourself as capable, smart and accomplished.  Never doubt that you can do something.  How you think can change your life.

15.  Stop holding on to regrets. – You can’t move forward if you can’t let go of the past.  Regrets are wasted energy so let them go and make it a habit to focus on your achievements.

All my very best to you for a most prosperous New Year!

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  1. Hey Akos, Thanks for the RT and I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback and all my best to you for the New Year :-)

  2. Ramiro Rodriguez says:

    Good food for though Liz! When you say get off the couch does that mean the bed too? Because when I take breaks I usually lay down to watch a TV show or a training video.

  3. Hey Sabrina, I’m so glad I’ve inspired and helped you. That’s what I strive for so thank you for saying so. You also have a wonderful 2012 :-)

  4. Thanks so much Rod. #3 and #8 are two of my favorites as well. Getting up and leaving my computer to get outside is still hard for me but I know I have to make every effort to do that, besides it’s good ‘think’ time and we all need that. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciate :-)

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