10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your Blog

commentluvI’m not sure why it took me so long to publish a post about CommentLuv because I’ve been using it for years.

Since I’ve added CommentLuv to my WordPress blogs I’ve seen a 50% increase in my blog traffic.

Go ahead look at some of my blogs from a few years ago.  Sadly I was hearing crickets.

OK, so I get more comments but what’s really the best thing about the Commentluv plugin?

It encourages engagement!

If your blog is anything it should be engaging.  That’s how you build relationships with your readers.

Getting worthless blog comments like “your blog is so awesome“, “thanks for posting” or  comments that don’t at all relate to the post, isn’t engagement. That’s just bloggers using your blog to benefit them.

That’s why I love CommentLuv. It helps eliminate worthless commenting that doesn’t do a thing for building relationships, trust or engagement, which is ultimately how you increase traffic, improve your rankings and ultimately get more sales.

Granted, there are lots of ways to establish great relationships and build trust without using CommentLuv but Commetluv was a logical starting point for me.  It brought serious bloggers to my posts which was a huge step up from the poor comment quality I had previously.

But that’s just the tip of the CommentLuv iceberg.

Here are 10 more things CommentLuv does that has brought some outstanding people into my life, helped me learn new things, find traffic, crush spam, build blog engagement, and so much more.

10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your Blog

1. Commentluv ENCOURAGES Commenting

People that leave thoughtful comments on your blog are rewarded with a backlink to their own blog. That encourages more comments, not only from loyal commenters but others as well.

For you most loyal commenters you can customize the CommentLuv plugin to allow commenters to choose a blog post they link back to or you can allow a link back to only their last post.  How you set this up is your choice.

2. Regular commenters enjoy KEYWORD BENEFITS

You can customize CommentLuv to include 2 or 3 keywords in the commenting name field where the keywords are used as anchor text of their link. This use to be the part of a separate plugin offered by Andy Baily known as CommentLuv but Andy now incorporates it withing the CommentLuv premium plugin.

For Bloggers that love the keyword anchor text, this is another awesome benefit for them.

3. CommentLuv CRUSHES BOT SPAM with G.A.S.P.

The GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plug-in or G.A.S.P plugin has been incorporated into CommentLuv which I think is one of the best anti-spam plugins available for WordPress.

GASP generates a checkbox on your comment form asking users to confirm that they are not a spammer. This is much easier for commenters than entering a captcha and because the box is generated via client side javascript that bots can’t see, it stops roughly 99% of all automated spam bots.

4. CommentLuv PROMOTES your Blog Posts

When you own ConmentLuv and then comments on other blogs there will be a heart just to the right of your comment with a little ‘info panel’ that pops up when you hover over it with info about you and other posts you’ve written.  Anyone reading through comments on that post will see your information and what you blog about.

Another great way for others to find out about YOU.

5. CommentLuv Gives your BLOG RECOGNITION

With all this recognition that CommentLuv exposed me to I am getting requests to guest post on other blogs. Bloggers have invited me to guest blog because they noticed the high engagement on my blog.

I use to have to hunt down blogs to guest post on, now bloggers come to me.  I can thank CommentLuv for that!


CommentLuv gives you the option to have your commenters Twitter handle displayed beside their comments. Another reason to get visitors to comment.  This little feature actually encourages quality comments and helps your commenters grow followers.  Who doesn’t appreciate that?

7. CommetLuv comes with BUILT-IN-STATS

There’s a built in dashboard widget that breaks down visits brought to your posts from other sites you’ve commented using commentLuv so you can see at a glance which sites and which post are bringing you traffic. That’s a great feature because it lets you see where your traffic is coming from so you can comment there more.


Talk about offering commenters incentives. Top commenters on you blog get their smiling face as a top commenter posted in the side bar of your blog. That means they’re on every page of your blog.  Talk about exposure for your commenters. If that’s not incentive to get people to comment on your blog, I don’t know what is.

9. REPLYME Function

CommentLuv will send a personalized email to each commenter when they get a direct reply to their comment.

So for example if I respond to a commenter they will automatically see my comment in their email in-box.  Also if one of your guest post authors receives an email when someone makes a comment on their guest post they will get an email that they have a new comment on the post.  Another excellent way to build close relationships with not only commenters but guest post bloggers.  If you use this function to ask questions your bloggers will comment even more. This is engagement at its best.

10. CommentLuv is highly customizeable

There are 5 parts to the CommentLuv plugin.  The commentLuv basic functions, Enable Twitter Functions, GASP functions, keyword name settings, and the Replyme functions. Each function takes only a few minutes to set up, and if you need help with any of it Andy Baily, the author of CommentLuv has video instructions for each portion of your setup. Easy peasy!

CommentLuv Affiliate

I’m a proud CommentLuv affiliate. When I purchase a product, use it and reap as many benefits as I have with CommentLuv, I want to be part of that.

But I also want to be up front with by letting you know that if you purchase CommetLuv through my affiliate link I receive an affiliate payment. Of course there’s no additional cost to you, however I’d be so grateful for your patronage :-)

But there’s a benefit for you as well. If you purchase, use and endorse commentLuv I encourage you to join the affiliate program too. It’s easy and free to join and it only takes a few affiliate sales and you’ve paid for the product.

And if for some reason you don’t want to keep CommentLuv, there’s a complete money back guarantee. I don’t ever buy without a guarantee and you shouldn’t either.

Regardless of whether you use my link or not I think you get my message about the value of using quality tools. With almost 100,000 bloggers using CommentLuv to socialize and viralize their blog posts, it’s been my experience that the benefits far outweigh the cost.   Not many products can live up to that claim.

Do you use CommentLuv?  If so what are your thoughts?

Many Blessings,

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  1. Hey Liz,

    I’ve written about it a few times in the past but never really did an in-depth review of it once it was fully released and all the updates were there.

    I noticed you didn’t mention the Anti Backlinker addition which will definitely kill spam that has no gravatar. Once I put that into place it’s been so darn nice. For those that are new and don’t have that set up yet they’ll get that message pointing them in the direction of how to set that up so it’s something they need to know how to do anyway.

    As you know, I love this plugin too. It’s my favorite and I don’t care what anyone says about it, it’s the greatest. I believe today that if I took it off my blog I would still get the interaction and engagement that I do. Granted, some people will come just for the backlinks but it’s up to us to make them want to stick around because of the content and us. That’s the real gem of blogging and most of us have this down pat!

    Great share and thanks for telling your readers all about this fabulous plugin although there is much more behind the scenes too. Love love love it guys so grab it while you can.

    Have a great week Liz and awesome review.

    Adrienne recently posted..Announcement At AdrienneSmithnetMy Profile

    • Thank you Adrienne! You’re right I forgot the anti back link blocker. Thanks for the tip on that :-)

      I think I’d also get comments if I took CommentLuv off my blog but I’d have a much bigger headache with spam and my commenters wouldn’t have the benefits commentLuv offers.

      Thanks for your feedback, I know you love this plugin as much as I do Adrienne :-)

      Hope you’re having an awesome week!
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

    • Kevin J Railsback says:

      Since I don’t have a lot of commenters on my site since I’m in such a small niche, I’m a bit reluctant to kill anything that doesn’t have a gravatar.

      While I do get SPAM comments, it’s not so had yet that I can’t delete them.

      I’m just worried if someone feels inclined to comment on the spur of the moment, making them go get a gravatar would just make them not comment.

      I’m sure those that really want to say something will make the effort but I’m still a little leery.

      Guess I’ll just have to knuckle down and put it in and see what happens. :)

  2. Hi Liz,
    I’ve noticed that a few other good bloggers have replaced CommentLuv with other commenting systems, but I can’t for the life of me think why!

    For me CommentLuv is still number 1, for all the reasons you include above – plus the anti-backlink blocker that Adrienne mentioned, which I have only recently installed

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted..How To Start A BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Joy,

      Many bloggers are experimenting with other commenting systems and they probably should, it never hurts to test, especially if commenting is a key strategy for you. I personally love commentLuv and found it super useful, however commenting isn’t the only thing I rely heavily on. There are other things that bring me lots of traffic like guest blogging, advertising in ezines and of course email. But I also have several blogs and different things work with different audiences and niches, so it’s all one big experiment, LOL!

      Anyway, so glad you stopped by. Always a pleasure to see you. Have a wonderful rest of the week :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  3. Hey Liz
    Thank you for posting. My name is Vandefan I am new to your blog. And I love what you are doing Liz.
    I had no idea about a plugin called comment love until last three months.
    I stumble upon it on a blogging platform and I decided to try it. Its a good plugin I 100% recommend it. Once again thank you for sharing ,:)

  4. Hi Liz.

    I totally agree with all the reasons you have for using CommentLuv – in fact, without this, it would seem that blogging would not be possible.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Marcel,

      Well, I can assure you that blogging might not be as engaging without CommentLuv, but it IS possible, LOL!

      Anyone can have a blog but to be successful you need things like traffic, engagement and loyal followers. How you get those things often takes a bit of creativity and that’s where CommentLuv certainly helps. Using good tools, tools that add value and benefit are a big part of blogging as well and that’s one of the things I love about CommentLuv. My readers depend on me to help them find products that are worthwhile so when I use something I get value from I want to share that.

      So glad you stopped by Marcel. Paid a visit to your site and you have lots of good info there. I enjoyed it :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  5. Hi there,

    Great post. I think the key to successful blogging is certainly engagement. It is possible to get traffic and rank well without but it’s not a long term strategy. Building relationships is key and what keeps people coming back for more. This is first time to your site, but I’ll be sure to be back. I’ll tweet this out too 😉

    • Hi Andrew,

      I think engagement is key too. After all why have a blog? You could have a static website instead, which many folks do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Contrary to popular belief a static website can do well on the web. However if you want to reach out to folks on a personal level and connect with them one on one about topics and ideas a blog is one of the best ways to do that. At least that’s been my experience.

      Thanks for stopping by Andrew. So good to meet you :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    It’s my first visit to your blog and I’m happy to be here.
    It was a very useful post as all my doubts are clear now that why bloggers use CommentLuv.
    The most important that I’ve observed is that it enhances the blog engagement! It gives lot of encouragement when fellow bloggers or visitors come and praise your work.
    All these were quite insightful tips, will think to use CommentLuv soon. Sharing this post with my audience as well, I’m surethey all will love it :)
    Thanks for sharing, have a nice weekend ahead!
    Vishnu recently posted..Inspirational Mahatma Gandhi Quotes To Live ByMy Profile

    • Hey Vishnu,

      Wonderful! I’m glad this helped give you some insight as to how CommentLuv works and why it’s such a valuable tool.

      Honestly though I just love how it attracts readers to my blog. It encourages them to say something. Not just praises or agreeing with me but telling me their story or giving me a little insight into who they are and what they think. That’s how we connect with people. but that’s also how we choose the people we want to connect with. The more you say about yourself, the more information you can give me on ideas and your knowledge the more likely I am to learn more about you.

      Thanks for dropping by Vishnu and great to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the wonderful description of “CommentLuv”.

    I am also a big “CommentLuv Lover” like you and Adrienne. I never try with any other commenting system. I could be try in future but, for the current time, it is best plugin for mine.

    All the 10 reasons you have mentioned is really indeed specially the #3 and #4. Commenluv helps to detect spam in nicely manner.

    CommentLuv really encourages other to comment on our blog. Even, I encouraged by it to comment on other’s blog. It is great way to interacting each other.

    Thanks for the wonderful in-depth review. It is really helpful to understand the every benefit of CommentLuv. Currently, I am using the free version. Will soon go for premium. Hope, it will give me more benefits with premium version.

    Thanks again. Have an enjoyable weekend!
    Nisha pandey recently posted..Difference Between Marketing, Branding, PR and Advertising – InfographicMy Profile

    • Hi Nisha,

      The free version of commentluv is a great place to start of course, but I do thing you’ll find lots of benefits with the paid version. I think you’ll see just how engaging it will make your blog, not to mention all the great folks you’ll meet. I personally SO appreciate the SPAM customization that it offers. It saves me a ton of time.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  8. I do use commentluv on my blog and the benefits it has to offer is indeed enormous and what I love about it the most is the high user engagement it has to offer.
    Emmanuel recently posted..5 Ways Of Increasing Your Organic Traffic You Probably Don’t Know Anything AboutMy Profile

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      CommentLuv encourages engagement but we don’t always get good engagement from commenters. I still get a lot of people just agreeing with what I say or rephrasing what I say. True engagement is adding tips, ideas and good information to my post. Only by reading my post comments can I sort that out, however commentluv offers helpful settings to week out those weak or ‘thin’ comments.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  9. Hi Liz, You’re absolutely right, I’m a huge fan of CommentLuv. I so appreciate commenters and CommentLuv rewards them with a link back to their blog. It also helps me go visit my commenters and see whether they are legit. If they use CommentLuv to link to a sales page, then I won’t allow the link.

    You did a great job of listing the many benefits of CommentLuv. Like Joy, I just don’t get why all bloggers don’t use CommentLuv!
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..Sidekick – See When, Where and How Your Email Is OpenedMy Profile

    • Hey Carolyn,

      Viewing my commenters blogs is a big benefit for me. First of all they’re generally blogs in my niche that I haven’t come across before, of course it enables to see how legit they are because I prefer comments from bloggers that have their own blogs. Third party comments aren’t necessarily what I prefer or if they are sales page links, as you said, they’re not what I want either.

      I’m guessing many bloggers don’t use premium commentluv because it’s not free. But honestly the benefits outweigh the costs, at least for me that’s the case. I’m sure other bloggers would feel the same way, it just takes them more time to feel confident about the purchase.

      Thanks for your input Carolyn. Always nice to hear from you :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  10. Hey Liz,

    How are you dear friend? Hmm good points you got there. For me, CommentLuv is great if you have a new blog and want to get your readers coming to you.

    I think it’s very useful even for commenting (on other blogs) since with CL enabled, you will enjoy more posts to share which is awesome as well!
    Reginald recently posted..3 Twitter Management Tools To Ease Twitter Marketing EffortsMy Profile

  11. Commentluv plugin is highly recommended for serious bloggers. It helps you get a lot of comments especially from bloggers and there you can create discussions. Nice post and Yes I agree with your 10 reasons.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..Email Marketing: 10 Basic Rules + Tips for a Perfect EmailMy Profile

  12. Hi Liz,

    Seems like I’m sort of late to this party but I still wanted to share my $0.02.

    When I started out, I tried the regular comment box and quickly realized that it wasn’t working for me at all. The after doing some searching, I found Disqus. It was really good for a while and I liked the look of everything, but the major problem that I had with it was that people had to sign on to leave a comment. Not a fan of that. After reading a post on a site, I switched to CommentLuv and I haven’t looked back.

    CL offers and delivers so much and I can truly understand why it’s such a favorite for so many people like yourself and other great bloggers. I like the fact that it does encourage engagement and also comments from people who may not normally comment. But I live the fact that it’s non-stop promotion for a blog post.

    There’s so much to love about this plugin and I’m happy that I made the smart decision and switched over.

    These are all great reasons to love CommentLuv and thanks for sharing them with us.

    Hope you have an awesome upcoming weekend.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted..5 Disturbing Truths Readers Won’t Tell You About Why They Leave Your SiteMy Profile

    • Hey Andrew,

      Folks do a lot of experimenting with commenting tools but what I love most about CommentLuv is that it has drawn me to serious bloggers. Not everyone is serious about blogging and commenting and CommentLuv has weeded out a lot of the riff-raff. It’s pointed many of the best bloggers, like yourself 😉 to my blog. Not to mention it’s cut down drastically on my spam with all the spam customizations.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Always appreciated :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Create Traffic Pulling Blog Post Headlines Every Time!My Profile

  13. Hello,

    CommentLuv is must have plugin for every blog if bloggers want to get benefit from this plugin. Because its really good for SEO. We can use keywords with CommentLuv. You’re right at the point that we can promote our blog posts also.

    Dr. Diana
    Dr. Diana recently posted..Red Wine Magazine – October 2014 IssueMy Profile

  14. Hi Liz,
    you shared great reasons to use CommentLuv!
    If I was not already using it, I would start right now, after reading this article. 😉

    I love CommentLuv plugin,and I can tell you I’ve installed it on my very first blog 5 years ago.
    Still working fine.
    Ever better now, after all the fixes and updates by Andy.

    Thanks for the share,
    have a great rest of this week.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..How to Improve Your Online Revenue Without Increasing Your TrafficMy Profile

    • Hey Erik,

      I guess I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, LOL! But it’s nice to have folks here that use CommentLuv and endorse it, especially someone like yourself who has used it for so long. Andy just keeps making it better and better, that’s one of the things I also like about it that I didn’t mention.

      You have a great rest of the day and thanks so much for stopping by.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Create Traffic Pulling Blog Post Headlines Every Time!My Profile

  15. I did not know Comment luv was this help full i will get this for my blog that’s for sure :)
    khasrang recently posted..Newest 4G Windows Based Smartphones To Boost Your Internet SpeedMy Profile

  16. Wow Liz!

    First of all, let me say that I use Commentluv too. But I had no idea that it was partly
    responsible for helping you generate quality traffic and quality comments to your site! That really validates my investment in the tool.

    Because you definitely want to pay close attention to what the top bloggers do and emulate them as best you can!

    You really did an excellent job of laying out in easy to understand terms, the many benefits of using commentluv . Some of which I had actually forgotten!LOL!

    Andy really out did himself, because it is such an incredibly powerful (and extremely practical) all in one tool! And it most definitely helps take your blogging efforts to a whole other level!

    Thanks for sharing some extremely practical information, and explaining every serious blogger, no matter what their specific niche is, definitely should be using commentluv!
    Mark recently posted..So What Powerful Marketing Message Can You Possibly Learn From The Classic Movie Cool Hand Luke?My Profile

  17. Raphael Udonna says:

    Hello Liz,

    Old post, but still relevant.

    I’ve been blogging for a about a year now and i got to hear about CommentLuv, i really thought it was cool but at the same time i never did give it a try.

    Having highlighted all you did, especially the anti-spam system which even Adrienne Smith stressed, i really think i should give CommentLuv a try.

    Have a great week.

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