Create Traffic Pulling Blog Post Headlines Every Time!


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Are you stuck trying to create traffic pulling blog post headlines? Don’t stress over this. I know it’s not easy figuring out how to write headlines that attract attention, generate curiosity and pull in readers; but I’ve got something that will help […]


10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your Blog


I’m not sure why it took me so long to publish a post about CommentLuv because I’ve been using it for years. Since I’ve added CommentLuv to my WordPress blogs I’ve seen a 50% increase in my blog traffic. Go ahead look at some of my blogs from a few years ago.  Sadly I was hearing […]


2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your Blog

That’s right,  just 2 killer tips for more traffic to your blog; but they’re 2 very powerful tips. These have consistently brought more traffic to my blogs and generated so many awesome social connections I can’t begin to count them all. I’ll warn you though, these are for the serious bloggers.  That is if you’re serious […]

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8 Clever Writing Tricks To Supercharge Your Blog Posts

With just a few writing tricks you can create blog posts that are reader friendly, get attention, hold attention and are more focused. In fact below I’ve got some very simple tricks that will help you simplify your content creation efforts while making your blog post content more desirable to your readers.

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SEO Content Writing Tips For The SEO Challenged

If you’re feeling a little SEO challenged when writing content that’s SEO friendly — welcome to the club. But don’t be discouraged. Crafting SEO friendly content is actually easier today than it use to be. Why? Because SEO shouldn’t be your main objective.  I don’t mean forget SEO totally when writing content. Just forget all the […]

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Summertime And The Blogging Is Easy

It’s summer! Time for fun in the sun, vacations, long weekends and just being lazy. But what about your blog? With summer here and outdoor fun knocking at your door you have to find ways to make blogging easy and save time if you want to make the most of your summer fun. Ensure your […]

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Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!

We hear a lot about getting to know your target market -but who is your target market really? Who are these people? Where do you find them and how do you get their attention? But more importantly, how do you persuade them to buy from you? You can’t effectively sell to someone you don’t know. […]

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Using Keyword Themes To Boost Ranking & Deliver More User Focused Content

Remember when you first started writing web content? Keywords always stood out as the main focus. They still do.   But nowadays simply finding a good keyword phrase and using it within your tags and content doesn’t quite cut it. Today the focus is on keyword themes as a way to deliver precisely what users are looking […]

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