Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!

know your target marketWe hear a lot about getting to know your target market -but who is your target market really?

Who are these people?

Where do you find them and how do you get their attention?

But more importantly, how do you persuade them to buy from you?

You can’t effectively sell to someone you don’t know.  So who is your target market, where do you find them and how do you get them to buy from you? [Read more...]

Using Keyword Themes To Boost Ranking & Deliver More User Focused Content

using keyword themesRemember when you first started writing web content?

Keywords always stood out as the main focus.

They still do.  

But nowadays simply finding a good keyword phrase and using it within your tags and content doesn’t quite cut it.

Today the focus is on keyword themes as a way to deliver precisely what users are looking for and gain search engine recognition in the process.

Even if you’re ignoring the search engines and writing strictly for your readers using keyword themes will actually help you reach both.

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40 Things You Should Give Up… Today!

blue skyIt’s Lent and Lent is always a great time to give something up that’s a problem in your life.

This year however I thought I’d try something a little different.

Instead of giving up things like chocolate, wine, candy or silly tangible things, I chose a few things you should give up that well …let’s just say are truly worth giving up ;-)


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8 Essential Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts

writing great blog postsWriting great blog posts doesn’t just happen.

I use to think it did.

I thought simply find great topics, write what you think, add personality, use good navigation, add interesting information, create content people want to read and voila you’ve got a great blog post.

I was also naive ;-)

Don’t get me wrong, those are all things that make for great blog posts, but just writing without giving consideration to increasing traffic, encouraging return visits, getting readers to take action and boosting your SEO rankings is not making the most of your blog posts.

Today I’ve got some tips that will help you do all those things helping you write great blog posts every time.

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An Easy Yet Irresistible Way To Attract Blog Traffic

attract more blog traffic

Would you like an easy, irresistible way to attract blog traffic?

Then you’re going to love this guest post by Joseph Rathjen.

Joseph conducted a very interesting interview with Miriam Y. Vega, Psychologist and Ph.D. on the fascinating topic of using your reader’s irresistibility for getting blog traffic.

That’s right. By understanding what is irresistible to your reader you can cleverly and easily attract them to your blog.

Here’s how it works.

Take it away Joseph… [Read more...]

The Best Way To Take A Break From Blogging

break from bloggingDo you ever wish you could take a break from blogging?

You may be hesitant to do that but that’s exactly what I did.

I haven’t written a blog post since last November :-|

Yes November!  That was a long time for me to be away.

But I needed a break. Writing was getting harder.

I would get about half way through a post then not go back to it for several days. Sometimes I’d simply lose interest in the post or the topic altogether.

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Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like Crazy

engaging your audience through social media


I’m not a social media expert, yet ;-) but I’ve learned a thing or two about engaging your audience through social media simply by imitating how others engage with me.

It really can be that simple.

For me it’s been the little things that work like crazy when it comes to getting social marketing results and these are my favorites.

Give them a try. They’ve  helped me not only engage with my audience but also find new friends, build loyalty, trust and develop lasting relationships; and that’s the best part!

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5 Not So Ordinary Tips for Free Traffic To Your Blog

free traffic to your blog


Want free Traffic to your blog?

Sure, we all do.  But what’s the best yet easiest way to get free traffic?

Some will say, “Pay for it“.

Ehhhh … Wrong Answer.

Paying for traffic is easy, but not everyone has an advertising budget or feels confident they’ll see a return on investment. But paying for traffic on the web can also drain your wallet quick!  Just place a few ads on Google’s Adwords and you can lose your shirt if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are lots of ways to get traffic without paying for it. I’m sure you’re familiar with many of them but here are a few not so ordinary free traffic tips that I especially like.

So before you consider paying for traffic, give these tips a try first and start getting traffic to your blog without draining your wallet.

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