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Beating Adwords - Review

Beating Adwords is an instructional e-book written for implementing Google's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising system called Google Adwords.

Advertising on Google Adwords is an excellent way to advertise your online business and get instant results. 

But be warned. It's not as easy to get your advertisements to display on Google using Adwords and it can be costly if you don't know what you are doing.

Unfortunately with so many websites competing for optimal advertising, advertisers can't simply jump on Google Adwords and begin advertising successfully.  Google has made some significant changes to Adwords that requires a quality of advertising that has made it more difficult for advertisers to qualify. 

What that means for you is that if your ads, your site and your keywords don't measure up to Google's strict quality guidelines and standards, it doesn't matter how much you pay for your ads, they won't be displayed.    

It's more important than ever that you are sure you understand how to effectively set up Adwords ad campaigns and understand Google's quality score required for you website in order to make Google Adwords work for you. 

In learning all I can about Google Adwords and figuring out how to ensure that my ads display without paying huge keyword costs, I picked up a copy of Beating Adwords.

This is a guide written by two experienced internet marketers that began as college students. Their college courses and extensive projects gave them internet marketing experience far beyond what most marketers achieve in a lifetime. 

Continuing with their studies they soon evolved into Google Adwords experts and published the techniques that made them successful. Beating Adwords is the step-by-step guide they developed to help other Adwords clients develop the ads and sales they need specifically by teaching them how to: 

  • Achieve optimal click through rates for ads
  • Create relevant and compelling ad Content that get consistent clicks
  • Effectively grouping your Ads
  • Create quality website landing page content that is relevant to your keywords and meets Google's quality standards (very important to Google and many advertisers have this wrong, I was one of them)

The book was easy to read and points out the necessary strategies for creating powerful ads that get shown day after day without making the mistakes many beginners make that cost them a fortune. 

Here's more of what you'll find in the guide:  

  • How to best set up your Google Adwords account
  • How to find and choose the most profitable keywords
  • How to write ad copy that sells
  • How to improve your Google quality score.
  • Discover effective Bidding techniques
  • How to determine traffic costs and be profitable
  • Optimizing your Adwords campaigns

You will also find advanced techniques and strategies that could help you increase your click through rate (CTR) to as high as 30%.  

Due to Google's continued product changes and quality guidelines, Beating Adwords has gone through several updates and revisions to keep current.

Who Beating Adwords Will Satisfy the Most

This is not for advertisers frustrated with Google looking for black hat strategies or specialized cheating tricks. But if you understand the high powered sales potential Adwords has but you've been frustrated with using it, Beating Adwords will help you get the satisfaction you need to get your ads displayed, outperform your competitors and do it without costing you more than it should.

Format: Downloadable Ebook  from Clickbank(79 Pages)

Cost: $67  (It's tax deductible and you can return it within 60 days if you're not satisfied.)  But I'm guessing you'll use it and keep it.  It is that good.

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